Learning to win on  sit and go-double or nothing is moderately straightforward and also helps improve your tournament skills, especially in relation to how to play the bubble; As you progress your positional awareness, this should improve as you need to be aware of other players’ stack sizes, their position in relation to the blinds and their game tendencies.

Steal tight players, when to equalize and learn when to move everything to the center and when to retire are other are the lessons you get when playing sit and go-double or nothing.

While regular sit and go has a lot to recommend to poker players of any level, sit and go or double or nothing in particular are especially adept at serving as an introduction to the intricate and intriguing world of poker for the novice player. You will not become a wealthy poker player playing sit and go-double or nothing but everything is about how much you invest – double or nothing offers you a small risk-free margin to make a profit so all you need is a lot patience. Making a fairly basic approach to them makes the sit and go-double or nothing a great way to learn how to play at several tables safely. They also present a steady way to earn extra money on rakeback

Playing conservatively is the answer of the sit and go-double or nothing, especially in relation to your bankroll. If you are a winning player and want to be completely sure that you will never have to re-charge, your bankroll should be approximately 100 buy-ins, so if you are playing $ 10 + $ 1 your bankroll needs to be approximately $ 1000. The higher your rate of profit, the lower the bankroll you’ll have to use. After playing in about 2,000 tournaments you should have a clear idea of ​​your winning rate and if you charge from 55% to 60% of the time you should see your bankroll grow at a constant rate.

While it is possible to play with a smaller bankroll you should be aware that no matter how great a poker player you are, having an occasional bad streak is an inherent part of poker and some negative variance may simply cause you to go bankrupt even in The sit and go-double or nothing.


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