There are several types of loyalty programs in online poker. In a very simplified way, you can categorize them as follows:

Monthly rake backs , commission repayment programs , generally corresponding to 20% or more of commission;

Point-to-dollar programs, often corresponding to less than 10% commission;

Regular points programs, often corresponding to less than 5% commission.

Loyalty programs were quite rare in the early days of online poker, but when competition became tense, from strong marketing campaigns and a flood of new online poker rooms, they had to be more generous with their players. So that they remained loyal. The most common loyalty programs are based on points where the players receive points for the hands with commission they play. Points can be re-estimated for goods such as books or clothes. These are not very generous loyalty programs unless you particularly like brand named clothes,

Monthly loyalty or reload bonuses are available in most poker rooms. Some have recharge bonuses with monthly bases, or even with weekly bases, and some even less. The “Points-a-dollar” programs are increasing, and have leading poker rooms like Pacific Poker and Poker Room returning cash points. Often these programs are part of a standard loyalty program, where points are earned both in cash games and in tournaments. These programs are typically much less attractive than recharging or commission reimbursement. The best deals are often buying the goods in free tournaments, instead of receiving the cash.

There are much talk among poker players about the pure cash back schemes offered, and, unfortunately, there have been some difficulties with this. Most poker rooms are now explicitly prohibiting affiliates from returning the commission and are closing accounts as a result. They can very easily detect the return of the commission (where a specific player gets a separate follow-up or bonus code).


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