Although at the beginning players do not care about the meaning of terms like rakeback, over time they can become very important.

When you play just for fun and sporadically, terms like rakeback have no relevance.

However, when you start to devote a lot of time to poker, you want your bets to monetize as much as possible.

This is where the term rakeback suddenly does matter.

For some players, getting to become a rakeback professional leads them in very different directions within the world of poker.

His big concern is to get the most benefit from rakeback possible.

In addition, these types of professionals can only be found in the world of online poker, because it is the only place where you can play in more than 24 tables simultaneously.

The first rakeback pros were experienced Sit ‘n Go players who realized that their ability to play dozens of Sit’ n Go at once could translate into a significant source of income (even if their profits were not Very high).

Many other players got into the rakeback car a short time later, finding that the ability to play on many tables at one time could have a very positive impact on their bank accounts at the end of the month, as they would benefit greatly from rakeback (though, Again, his earnings were not high).

Although what is usually said is that success in poker goes hand in hand with the win (because it is the way you get away with more money than you did), for rakeback professionals the story is completely different.

For these players to lose also means to win because their profits come from the number of hands they have played in a period of time, since what they receive from rakeback can be a very palatable amount.

Rakeback works simply. The player receives a small portion of money for each hand he plays (regardless of whether he wins or loses his hand). So the more you play the more you can win.

Even if you play very small bets, between $ 0.50 and $ 2, if you are able to play at 24 tables at a time for 5 or 6 hours a day you can get no less than $ 7,000 to $ 8,000 a month in rakeback.

If you take these figures into account, you can now understand that losing does not appear to be so tragic, especially if you stay true to small bets.

But not everything can be good, and is that rakeback professionals can not have as much fun playing poker as a normal player.

The tactic is always the same and can be boring, but the money at the end of the month can get people bored. And a lot.

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